1999 454 mags ready for disassembly at 500 hours.
These motors were originally rated at 385 horsepower.

These motors were bored and stroked to 489 cubic
inches using forged pistons and forged cranks

Dart aluminum heads with lunati roller rockers were installed

Motors were prepared and then painted with House Of Colors paint.
Purple paint was selected to match the Eliminator Daytona graphics.

525 intake manifolds and plenums were purchased
to help these stroker motors breathe a little better!.

The original mefi 3 computer system was converted to a mefi 4 to be able to custom tune the motors.

Hardin Marine thermostatically controlled oil coolers were used to control the oil temperatures.
Custom oil cooler brackets and oil filter brackets were made .

Engine assembly is complete and motors were programmed on the dyno producing
625 horsepower and 630 foot pound of torque!
At 3100 rpm's these motors were already producing 550 foot pounds of torque!

Starboard engine ready to install!

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